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Bauxite clinker in the application of intermediate frequency furnace lining

1. The advantage of bauxite

a. Small linear expansion coefficient, thermal shock resistance rapid cooling performance is good, the furnace lining cracking little and little after repeated.

b. High temperature and good chemical stability, good resistance to acid, alkali, slag erosion resistance is strong.

c. Surface is not easy to hang slag, mouth after long-term melting crucible volume will not be closed.

d. It's easy to be repaired, and can greatly reduce the repair work.

e.  It has long campaign life.

2. The knot of bauxite clinker lining

The knot of bauxite clinker lining is similar to a quartz sand lining, but still need to pay attention to the following:

a. Put the crucible appearance in center position and fixed, in order to prevent moving when tamping.

b. Add a layer of material, then compacted a layer, and must pound matter, each time add no more than 30mm material of the thickness, to ensure the compactness enough.

c. After tamping each compacted layer, spike up slightly on the surface, then add a layer of compacted, to make the good combination between the layers.


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