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How to ensure the cleanliness of molten steel in the tundish

How to ensure the cleanliness of molten steel in the tundish:

(1) The molten steel in the tundish is mainly polluted by air oxidation and drainage sand.

(2) With the increase of the number of casting furnaces, the influence of molten steel by air oxidation is reduced, but the slag inclusions brought into the molten steel in the tundish by the ladle drainage sand increase.
(3) If a covering agent that is meltable at the temperature of molten steel and does not contain aluminum that can react with molten steel is used on the surface of the molten pool, the molten steel in the tundish can be well protected from being oxidized by air.
(4) Use double-layer structure or top-bottom system drainage sand in the ladle, and use drainage sand without SiO2 in the bottom layer, which can not only ensure the free opening performance of the ladle, but also protect the molten steel from pollution.
(5) It must be ensured that the bottom drainage sand of the double-layer design will not be sintered at the temperature of the sliding nozzle, and it must be ensured that when the top drainage sand is in contact with molten steel and melts, and penetrates to the bottom to react with the bottom drainage sand, it can form a high melting point and High viscosity compound. If SiO2-based drainage sand is used for the top layer, Al2O3 or MgO-Al2O3 spinel drainage sand can be used for the bottom layer.


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