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Energy may push up the price of refractory materials

In the refractory market, the production methods involved in the production of various bulk refractory raw materials are divided into electromelting and sintering by energy type. The electric melting is based on electric energy as the main energy, through electric furnace smelting and smelting of products; Sintering, as the name implies, is the form of calcination of products with natural gas, gas and other energy combustion.
Since the second half of 2021, a variety of basic energy prices have experienced drastic fluctuations, and the prices of a variety of major energy sources around the world have risen sharply, mainly due to the increase in the demand for energy with the increase of large-scale economic activities around the world. Domestic electricity prices, coal prices, natural gas prices are rising, for example, coal prices in many places also reached the price peak in October last year, some areas of refractory raw material production enterprises coal purchase price reached 2400 yuan/ton, and at the same time the Bohai Rim port spot quotation even broke through 2500 yuan/ton.


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