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The gunning method of gunning material

A refractory mixture used for gunning or spraying with a jet machine. According to the gunning method, it can be divided into wet gunning (or mud gunning), semi-dry gunning and fire (flame) gunning. Wet gunning uses compressed air to spray mud containing 20-40% refractory powder, which can achieve high fog dispersion, high adhesion rate, and can carry out relatively uniform thin-layer gunning. The semi-dry gunning is to add water to the nozzle to wet the refractory powder sprayed by compressed air. The amount of water added is 11-14%, and the adhesion rate is low, and thicker layer gunning can be carried out. Fire gunning belongs to dry gunning. The gunning material is sent to the flame of the fuel-oxygen spray gun, and the gunning material is partially melted in the nozzle flame and attached to the brick lining.


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