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Aluminum magnesia carbon brick

Magnesia alumina carbon bricks with high grade magnesite, corundum, spinel and graphite as raw materials, bonded by resin, are characterized by good slag resistance. The products are mainly used for ladle upper and lower slag line.

Alumina magnesia carbon bricks, with high grade bauxite, corundum, spinel, high purity magnesite and graphite as raw materials, bonded by resin, are characterized by erosion and corrosion resistance, spalling resistance. The products are mainly used for ladle slag lining and bottom.

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks Introduction:

Alumina Magnesia Carbon Bricks as a kind of furnace lining fire bricks are manufactured with the main raw materials of super high alumina bauxite or corundum, magnesia and flaky graphite.  Wanhao refractory fire bricks manufacturer in China can produce high quality alumina magnesia carbon brick for steel ladle application.

Aluminum magnesia carbon brick Advantages:

The aluminum-magnesium carbon brick is a lining fire product which is made of super high alumina bauxite or corundum sand, magnesia sand and flaky graphite. It is characterized in that it has the advantages of high corrosion resistance and low peeling property due to carbon content at high temperature, and also has the advantage of exhibiting a high residual linear expansion ratio due to heat generation of spinel during use, and thus becomes a new development quality.

The aluminum-magnesium carbon brick has the advantages of anti-erosion, anti-flaking, balanced erosion, safe use, less slag adhering to steel, and easy unpacking. It is mainly used for the lining of Shenggang which is used in harsh conditions. In the continuous casting large tundish and the refining package, the molten pool part and the bottom of the package are lined with aluminum-magnesium carbon bricks. Mainly used in large converters and ultra-high power electric furnaces, ladle lining and furnace refining furnace lining.

Magnesia Alumina Carbon Bricks Introduction:

The environmental protection magnesia alumina carbon brick for ladle is a new product developed by our company according to the requirements of users. The main aspects of product improvement are the use of plate corundum, environmental protection resin and the improvement of baking temperature. In this way, there is no harmful gas of formaldehyde and phenol in the drying process of the product after masonry, which improves the environment, reduces the porosity of the product, improves the strength, and improves the slag corrosion resistance. In other words, the use effect of the product is better.

Magnesia Alumina carbon brick Advantages:

We produce environment-friendly magnesia-alumina-carbon bricks, using high-quality fused magnesia, high-quality fused corundum sand, high-quality graphite as the main raw materials. especially changed the resin binder, used alcohol-based environmental protection resin, increased the baking temperature, made the product non-toxic and tasteless, the product in the baking process after masonry, greatly improved the environment, basically achieved the requirements of environmentally friendly. At the same time, the product quality has been greatly improved, the strength has been greatly improved, and the porosity has been greatly reduced. therefore, the slag corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance of the product have been greatly improved, and the service life of the product is longer than that of the product bonded with ordinary resin.

What is the difference between magnesia carbon bricks and aluminum magnesia carbon bricks?

The difference between magnesia carbon bricks and aluminum magnesia carbon bricks is that the raw materials used are different. Magnesia carbon bricks are resin-bonded bricks made of fused magnesia. Made of sand and graphite. Magnesia-carbon bricks, if necessary, can also add antioxidants, magnesia-carbon bricks perform well in heat resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and spalling resistance. Magnesia-carbon bricks are mainly used in converters, electric arc furnaces, linings of DC electric arc furnaces, ladle slag lines and other parts. Magnesia alumina carbon bricks are made of high quality bauxite, corundum, fused magnesia and graphite. Alumina magnesia carbon bricks have proper residual expansion, low thermal conductivity and better insulating properties. Aluminum-magnesium-carbon bricks are used for the slag line of the ladle, the lower part of the ladle wall, the bottom of the ladle and the free zone of the ladle.


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