Mica Paper

Mica paper has excellent insulation, electric resistance, heat resistance and moisture resistance, which is the basis for manufacturing other mica parts, Mica caper can customize products with various sizes and different smoothness according to customer needs. Mica paper includes muscovite, phlogopite, synthetic and calcined mica, and is a continuous roll made of high-quality mica insulation.

We produce hard mica paper that can withstand temperatures of 500 degrees Celsius in a normal working environment over a long period of time and 850 degrees Celsius in a short period of time. In addition, our mica paper can work in an average environment of 1000 degrees Celsius, and its resistance to breakdown is top-notch, which is the most popular reason for its popularity.

Mica paper Introduction:

Mica paper is made from crushed mica flakes (white mica, gold mica, synthetic mica) after chemical pulping or hydro-mechanical pulping, made into rolls on a circular mesh paper machine at a slow speed, and then cut into rolls or flat sheets. It maintains many of the excellent properties of natural mica and has uniform thickness and a small range of fluctuations in dielectric strength. It can replace natural mica in many applications and opens up a broad prospect for the comprehensive utilization of mica resources.

Mica paper is made by hydraulic separation process using the best quality of mica (muscovite, phlogopite, synthetic or calcined) mica, which is in first stage converted into pulp and then pressed in the form of paper in rolls. Mica paper is mainly used in all kinds of micanite plates and micanite tapes.

Mica paper Advantages:

1.excellent insulating property (electrical and thermal)
2.high temperature resistant (up to 1 000 °C)
3.high tensile strength
4.good resin penetration and air permeability

Mica paper is comprised of 90 % mica impregnated with a specific high-temperature-resistant binder, and reinforced by glass fibre applied to one side. When this paper is exposed to high temperatures, its resin content breaks down, without impairing the high-temperature electrical insulating properties of mica. Its dielectric strength remains constant up to 380 °C, then decreases progressively. Moreover, mica paper is chemically neutral, non-toxic and entirely halogen-free. It shows excellent resistance to water, acids (excluding sulphuric acid), bases, mineral oils and solvents. The mineral phlogopite shows exceptional flame-resistance properties, and can easily accommodate peak temperatures of up to 1,000 °C.

Mica paper is one of the most popular insulation products in the mining and metal casting industries due to its lightweight, high heat esistance, and since tis a safe alterativeio asbestos.Mica paper can be used in a mulitude of different gaskets or induction furaces. n addition to heat resistace, mica paper is not afected by external weathering4xim Mica manufactures and supplies muscovte and phlogopite mica paper between 002″- 06″ thick, Muscovte mic paper remains stable at about 500 Decres Celsiuswhile Phlogopite can reach 1800 Degrees Fahrenheit.


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