EAF Bottom Ramming Mass

The electric furnace bottom dry ramming material comprises magnesia calcium iron sand and high purity fused magnesia, wherein the magnesia calcium iron sand comprises 30% to 83% of MgO. High-quality synthetic MgO-CaO-Fe2O3 is used as raw material with reasonable particle size distribution. It has good sintering property, strong corrosion resistance, convenient construction, strong integrity, can be constructed for the first time, and can also be hot-repaired. It is suitable for high-power electric furnace, ultra-high-power electric furnace bottom, furnace slope and other parts.

EAF bottom dry type ramming material contains magnesium calcium iron sand, high-purity fused magnesite; Wherein: magnesium calcium iron sand comprises MgO63%, CaO27.6%, Fe 2O 35%, Al 2O 30.9%, SiO 20.8%, igloss 0.5%, impurity 2.2%, bulk density 〉=2.5g/cm 3The critical granularity of high-purity fused magnesite is 10mm, particle introducing amount 45%;

EAF Bottom Ramming Mass Advantages:

Electric furnace steel making is to recycle steel scrap, environmental protection and energy saving, and short flow process steel-making mode rapidly and efficiently, it develops rapidly and has driven MgO-CaO-Fe 2O 3Be the swift and violent research and development of EAF bottom ramming mass and comprehensively universal.Owing to smelt to produce and adopt top-bottom blowing, the oxygen rifle is fluxed, technology such as foam slag burialing arc, the steel making working procedure ultra high power, fast pace operation, so furnace bottom should reduce overhaul number of times and furnace outage time as far as possible, so just requires electric furnace furnace bottom ramming mass easy construction, but cold repair can be vulcanized, and can drop into immediately after the reparation to smelt and use; Sinter fine and close solid integral body rapidly under middle temperature, at high temperature do not have too many liquid phase again, have the good high-temperature structural strength, the erosion of opposing slag and the impact of steel scrap can stand to smelt batch operation, and promptly heat impact strength is good.

The method solves the crack and poor corrosion resistance of too thick sintered layers, sufficiently meets the requirements of 150 tons ultra high power direct-current arc furnace of Baogang and electric steelmaking of foreign steel mills, and creates good economical and social benefits.


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