Ladle Purging Plug

Ladle purging plugs always come in a steel cone in order to ensure a gas tight connection between plug and purging gas supply. For installation a refractory mortar is put onto the steel cone and subsequently the plug is mounted into the block/ladle bottom. The porous plug, often referred to as a gas diffuser, or a purging plug is a refractory nozzle installed into the base lining of the ladle that enables an inert gas to be introduced into the ladle to create a stirring action within the molten metal.

Ladle purge plug or porous plug is a critical component in ladle bottom purging system. Apart from the purge plug life its reliability, gas flow rate quality of steel produced etc are evolving as the most important parameters to judge the purge plug quality.



What are the types of ladle porous plug?

Ladle porous plugs (with porous gas-permeable segment) are constructed of a variety of materials, such as magnesite, porcelainite, chamotte and corundum, having the porosity of approx.

Porous plug has better porosity and permeability. Production technology is adding carbon-contaning compound into mixture, since carbon-contaning compound can burn out without residue at low temperature, so we adopt low temperature burning out intermediate materials to get the initial porosity. In porous type plug, inside distributes interpenetrating gas channels in different sizes. When blowing stop, the steel and slag from ladle will infiltrate into the deep areas of the plug, to form a secure layer on working surface.

Slot plug is the most common structure in purging plug. The gas channel could be designed and customized according to actual on-site using conditions, including refining steel grade, refining workmanship, ladle capacity, temperature, hydrostatic pressure of liquid steel etc. This can achieve the best blowingeffect for purging plugs, ensure the longest service life, safety, stability and best air permeability.

Ladle Purging Plug Advantages:

Ladle Purging Plug is a kind of functional refractory material with long life, energy saving, consumption reduction and emission reduction. Ladle purging plug is made by firing high-purity raw materials. Ladle purging plug has the advantages of high blow-through rate, corrosion resistance, thermal vibration resistance, safety and reliability, and long life. Ladle purging plug is used in the out-of-furnace refining of ferrous metals and the smelting of non-ferrous metals.

Realize the argon blowing process at the bottom of the ladle purging plug. The ladle purging plug has good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, high temperature volume stability and high strength, good air permeability, stable operation, accurate shape and size, and low molten steel penetration.

Ladle purging plug has been in the leading position in domestic and abroad over years. Wanhao Refractory has developed the series of corundum, chromium corundum, low silicon chromium corundum and corundum spinel one after another.

They can be designed and produced types of straight hole, directional slit, directional labyrinth, girth shape and interior and exterior integral split etc according to users’ request. Permeable flow rate of products can be designed upon customers’ request and can be adjusted in a wide range. The blowing opening rate is high. Refractory materials on the working surface of the ladle purging plug, especially the refractory materials around the air outlet, are directly in contact with the high-temperature molten steel, and are affected by the high-temperature molten steel and the continuous outflow of cold airflow, resulting in a large temperature gradient.


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