Covering Agent

Covering Agent adopts the composite carbon, free carbon technology to improve itself refractoriness, which makes this products with longer insulation time, small capacity, good spreadablity, and small termal conductivity, and the net rate is even more than 90%.What is more, dust float rate is very small, and this material do not bond to the furnace linning, especially for those high alkaline magnesia based, calcium magnesia based covering agent.

Covering Agent has good effect in absorbing impurity for the alkaline magnesia and magnesia calcium type furnace linning in the process of casting super low carbon clearn steel, thus to improve the slag’s stability and gurantee the steel quality.

Covering agent Introduction:

The ladle covering agent is added on the surface of the molten steel in the ladle, and its main function is heat insulation. The three basic functions it must have are:

(1) Maintain a heat-insulating and heat-insulating powder layer on the liquid slag layer to prevent the molten steel from transmitting or radiating heat to the air. Thermal insulation performance is the most important technical index of ladle covering agent, which can reduce the tapping temperature, save energy consumption and increase production.

(2) Isolate the contact between molten steel and surrounding air.

(3) No erosion or less erosion of the lining, no crusting after pouring, and easy to fall off from the lining.

In addition to the above basic functions, some conditions must be met as a covering agent for the production of clean steel:

(1) Molten steel must not be polluted. The carbon in FeO, MnO and SiO2 in the slag is in contact with the molten steel, which may increase the carbon content of the molten steel. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the content of FeO, MnO and SiO2 in the covering agent, control the particle size, content and fluctuation of the liquid level of the carbon material, and reduce the pollution to the molten steel.

(2) It can absorb inclusions in molten steel, such as Al2O3, etc. With the development of continuous casting and rolling and the production of ultra-low carbon steel and alloy steel, the design, research, development and use of ladle covering agents are also very active.


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