Long Nozzle(Shroud)

Long Nozzles are refractory for pouring molten steel from a ladle to a tundish, in order to prevent oxidation, align its flow and prevent splash. Our main products include Ladle Shrouds, Submerged Entry Nozzles, Tundish Nozzles, Mono-Block Stoppers , refractory bricks, square bricks, and other refractory materials.

Long nozzles can be classified by:

Functions: Preheating/ non-preheating, blowing argon/non-argon.
Materials: Alumina-carbon, alumina-zirconia-carbon, magnesia-carbon, etc.
It possesses good capacity of erosion resistance, anti-oxidation, and anti-splashing.

Long Nozzle(Shroud) Description:

Long nozzle is the connection part between steel ladle and tundish. Head end of long nozzle connects to steel ladle down nozzle, bottom end embeds into tundish steel liquid. Long nozzle can keep steel liquid from contacting with air during transferring from ladle to tundish, so steel liquid won’t splash,  impurity won’t enter into steel liquid. The working condition suggests that long nozzle should not only endure strong thermal shock, steel liquid scouring and corrosion, but also suffer the corrosion of tundish cover flux. With the increasing requirement on steel quality, protecting casting ratio is continuously growing, so long nozzles using ratio is surging.

Long nozzle requirements include:

Resistant to spalling at high temperature
Resistant to erosion
Stable operation for a long time
Safe operation without preheating.

Long nozzle have excellent properties of thermal shock resistance, abrasion and corrosion resistance, bake free and long life. Refractory nozzle series refractory can be divided into long nozzle, metering nozzle, submerged nozzle and separation ring.

When tapping molten steel from ladle to tundish, to prevent oxidization and spilling, we can install a long nozzle between ladle and tundish, the effects of long nozzle are as follows:
1.To prevent the molten steel from being reoxidized and improve the quality of steel;
2.Reduce the deposition of the oxydate of easily oxidized elements in inner wall of nozzle to prolong the service life of long nozzle;
3.Long nozzles can be used repeatedly, which can reduce the cost of refractory material.


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