Slide Gate Plate

Slide gate system is one of the crucial components of steel making process. It is this slide gate that controls the flow of molten steel. It is seen that the performance of this slide gate is heavily dependent upon the refractories used in conjunction with it.

Wanhao offer Slide Gate Plate for u. Slide gate valve equipment controls the flow of molten steel with a moving ladle slide plate that is face pressure loaded. Ladle slide gate plates have the advantages of high strength, good erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and good stability etc, mainly used in large and medium-sized ladle. Ladle slide gate plates are mainly used in the continuous casting process of steelmaking. They are used in the flow control and rectification of molten steel and gas stirring, etc.

Ladle Slide Gate Plate Introduction:

Slide Gate Plate is a kind of slide gate refractory that is designed to control the flow of molten steel during steel making. This performance of this refractory is dependent upon the ability to resist thermal shocks, abrasion, and corrosion. The materials used for manufacturing slide gate pass are dependent upon grade of steel being produced, casting time, quantity of steel, and temperature of molten steel.
In most cases, the material used for slide gate pass is carbon bonded alumina carbon bricks or metal bonded high alumina bricks. Our slide gate pass retain their shape and bore diameter is not affected by flow of molten steel.

In the steelmaking process, one of the most significant refractories for continuous steel casting is the slide gate plate, which is used for precise flow control and safety. Slide gate plates, regulate the flow of steel from the steel ladle to the tundish. Because they come into touch with hot liquid steel, the refractories used for slide plates should have higher hot strength qualities.

Ladle Slide Gate Plate Advantages:

Slide gate plate is the key part in the slide gate systems. Function is to control the flow rate of molten steel.The slide plate is exposed to high temperature molten steel repeatedly, especially the cast hole part, the erosion is serious, this require the slide plates obtaining features of  High strength, excellent corrosion resistance, anti-stripping, to ensure no steel leak during pouring process. Pressing from the bauxite, alumina powder, graphite, etc, our alumina carbon slide gate plates have following advantage: high strength, good erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance. They are widely used for large/middle ladle and continuous casting tundish, could meet different steel grade’s requires.

The opening of the sliding nozzle of the ladle is used to control the flow rate of molten steel and the height of the liquid level of the tundish. The sliding nozzle is composed of an upper nozzle, an upper slide, a lower nozzle and a lower slide. During operation, the movement of the lower sliding plate can be used to adjust the degree of overlap of the upper and lower injection holes to control the size of the flow. There are two adjustment methods, namely hydraulic and manual. Because the sliding nozzle has to withstand the erosion of high-temperature steel slag, the static pressure of the molten steel, and the effects of rapid cooling and rapid heating, refractory materials are required to be resistant to high temperature, erosion, rapid cooling and rapid heating, and good slag resistance, and have sufficient high temperature strength.

The features of ladle slide gate plate:

1. Flatness of sliding surface ≤0.05mm;
2. High mechanical strength;
3. High resistance to contamination of molten steel and slag;
4. Excellent oxidation resistance;
5. Good thermal shock stability.


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