Tundish Well Block

Tundih Well Blocks are compounded blocks made of high-tech ceramics as gas channels and of high quality castables as outer body. The product helps in producing highly clean liquid steel and improving the flow ability of liquid steel. Tundish nozzle and well block good match making steelmaking more safe and no leakage.

The tundish well blocks we make vibro casting, almost never are in direct contact with steel, but they have to be thermal shock and mechanical resistant. To allow a correct coupling with the inner nozzle placed in their inside, extreme dimensional accuracy is required. Tundish well block can be realized in any size and shape in order to meet any specific requirements of the customer. Wanhao factory manufactures and sells well blocks for tundish and provides clients customized solutions to meet every technical request.

Tundish Well Block Advantages:

Tundish well blocks play a crucial role in the continuous casting process, ensuring the efficient and controlled flow of molten metal from the ladle to the molds. Their high-temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, impact resistance, and erosion resistance contribute to the reliable and consistent operation of tundishes in steel production. High performance low cost Well Blocks made of high compression vibration prefabrication formation and the fine formula design. The unique technical process causes the product to bear the erosion, anti-washout and temperature performance. Our products have obtained the guarantee, enhance the service life.

Tundish Well Block Features:

1.High Refractoriness.
2.High-Temperature Endurable .
3.Good Corrosion Resistance.
4.Good Spalling Resistance And Wear Resistance.
5.Good Thermal Shock Resistance.
6.High Mechanical Strength.
7.High-Temperature Creep Rate Is Low.
8.Good Volume Stability At High Temperature.

Tundish well block is made of high-quality raw materials, precision-formed, formed by strong pressure, and dried at low temperature. The well block is used in conjunction with nozzle, mainly used for continuous casting tundish. Tundish Well Block can be used with all kinds of tundish nozzles, and this product has advantages of high product strength, good thermal shock stability and erosion resistance. Tundish Well Block selects high-quality materials, pressing in molding machine, and low baking. Tundish Well Block can be used with all kinds of tundish nozzles.

Tundish Well Block Function:

The function of the Well Block is to fix the position of the Nozzle, to facilitate the disassembly and loading of the Nozzle, to support the lower end of the Stopper Rod when pouring, and to ensure that the Stopper Rod slides along the ARC to the Nozzle when pouring, and to cut off the injection flow. The base brick can be made of clay, high alumina or non-fired high alumina.Seating Blocks are made from high-purity, high-density, high-strength materials with a matrix-adjusted system. These products exhibit the features of stable structure, good corrosion/erosion resistance, excellent thermal shock resistance and long service life.


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