Deoxidizer is used to reduce the content of Oxygen and other gases in molten steel. Wanhao Refractory has developed compound deoxidize according to needs of steel smelting applicated to various forms of deoxidization process. Deoxidizer is good at deoxidization, and also can reduce harmful gases in molten steel, improve liquidity, reduce impurity to pure the molten steel, improve yield of alloy steel and reduce dosage or eliminate wire feeding process, simplify steel-making operation, improve the quality of steel, and whose economic benefit is remarkable.

Wanhao refractory has a kind of deoxidizers which mainly applied in steelmaking industry and casting industry. Due to its many advantages as deoxidizer, this quality silicon carbide can keep welcomed in the market for many years. The content ofSiC is above 50-90%; Particle size: 0-100mm. In all steelmaking processes, except for the acid silicon reducing process, the steel must be deoxidized after having been brought to the specified carbon content to make the dissolved oxygen inactive and prevent further oxidation of carbon.

Deoxidizer Usage:
1. At the melting and oxidizing phases according to the operation rules.
2. Once the thin slag formed, add silicon carbide for reduction, its quantity is decided by the actual amount of molten steel in the furnace and the furnace views conditions.
3. Speed up the reaction rate, shorten the refining time, in the meantime, it will also cause desulfurization effect.
4. The temperature is easy to adjust after adding silicon carbide deoxidizer, it will help reduce the power consumption, improving the service lifetime of furnace lining and cover.
5. It will cause small dust. To reduce the amount of fluorite and reduce the fluorine concentration of toxic gases, it’s environmentally friendly.


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