Neutral Ramming Mass

We are offering neutral ramming mass, which is featured with rust resistance, wear resistance and thermal stability. This product contains very less binders, moisture content and fire clay. Further, its granulation is optimized considering various standard requirements of its capacity and make. Hence, use of our neutral ramming mass will give maximum benefit along with optimum results. It can also be used for lining the iron melting coreless induction furnace.

Neutral Ramming Mass Introduction:

Neutral Ramming Mass is used as a refractory material for lining of induction furnaces to withstand very high temperatures. Ramming Mass is manufactured with great precision using modern techniques and quality raw materials which is being imported. Corrosion resistant with a high level of thermal stability, it offers maximum output and last longer.

Neutral Ramming Mass is highly demanded for better quality of lining results, wear resistance, smooth working of furnaces, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, greater metallurgical control and maximum output.

Neutral ramming mass is developed with a clear vision to increase the campaign life of furnaces, used in place of silica or basic ramming mass.  Additionally, neutral ramming masses are the greener solution compared with silica-based refractories.

Neutral Ramming Mass Advantages:

Using high purity raw materials in aggregate and matrix
Extremely low content of impurity and fluxing material
Very high purity system, only High intensity
Excellent resistance for high-temperature metal liquid and slag
Excellent insulating function, low energy consumption
Excellent Compressive Strength form very strong sintered layer to withstand shock and mechanical stress during operation
Well adapted sintering characteristics enable maintaining powdery layer behind the hardened hot surface generated in situ spinel formation.

Neutral Ramming Mass Features:

Neutral Ramming Mass is a high alumina mix predominant aggregate, component of alumina imparts a strong skeleton aggregate structure of

  • Superior uniform heat stability
  • Ability to withstand corrosive-erosive attack of molten metals and their acids
  • Excellent volume stability
  • Superior structure heat stability
  • Low apparent porosity
  • Strong abrasion resistance Matrix

The neutral ramming mass market is at an inflection point, driven by industrial expansion, efficiencyimperatives, and advancements in manufacturing technologies. Exceptional thermal stability, resistance, anasuitability for high-temperature applicattons are propelling the adoption of neutral ramming mass product.across various industries. Industries such as steel, iron, aluminum, and non-ferrous metals are increasinglyrelying on high-temperature processes for their production cycles. The above industries continue to push theboundaries of high-temperature processing. Moreover, innovations and customized solutions are expected toboost the neutral ramming mass market growth at a steady pace in the next few years.



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