Ladle Nozzle

Ladle upper/lower nozzle series are developed with the newest matrix optimization technology and the theory of the most compact. They are characterized by good thermal shock resistance, strong washout resistance, steady quality and long life.

One set nozzle include ladle nozzle and collector nozzle, and ladle nozzle service life can be make sure more than 8 heats.

Ladle nozzle is composed of upper and lower sliding plates and 4 refractory bricks for the upper and lower nozzles. The pouring of each ladle of molten steel must pass through the upper and lower sliding plates and the upper and lower nozzles, so they are very strict. Firstly, they must have sufficient strength at high temperatures to withstand the static pressure of molten steel. Secondly, the upper and lower sliding plates are required. The sliding surface should be very smooth, flatness should be high, to ensure tight contact, to ensure that no molten steel leaks during the pouring process, but also to be resistant to erosion, erosion, and good thermal stability, so as to withstand sudden changes in temperature. Erosion and slag erosion.

Ladle Nozzle Advantages:

Due to the repeated contact of the sliding plate with high-temperature molten steel (especially the casting hole), the corrosion damage is serious and the use conditions are harsh.

The skateboard is required to have good performances such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and peeling resistance. During the casting process, ensure that no molten steel leaks between the skateboards.

The ladle nozzle must have the following properties:

(1) Smoothness of sliding surface ≤0.05mm;

(2) High mechanical strength;

(3) Strong corrosion resistance to molten steel and slag;

(4) Excellent oxidation resistance;

(5) Good thermal shock stability.


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