Tundish Nozzles

Tundish nozzle, also known as a tundish slide gate nozzle or simply a nozzle, is a refractory component used in the steelmaking industry to control the flow of molten steel from the tundish to the mold during continuous casting processes. It is a critical part of the tundish slide gate system, which regulates the steel flow and enables precise control of the casting process.

Tundish nozzles are widely used today to control the fow of melt exit from the Tandish into the continuous casting mold (CCM). These nozes can be classifiedbased on diferent factors such as material, size, and appearance geometry. ln terms of the materal of the body such as alumina, full zirconia, alumina-carbon,oralumina-zirconia. they are also produced with inserts with different percentages of zirconia.

Tundish Nozzles are used to cast the steel continuously. We can make available these Nozzles in different specifications. Tundish nozzle is used on the bottom of tundish, in conjunction with mono block stopper it controls the molten steel flow rate, stop the molten steel and adjust the flow direction.

Tundish Nozzle Advantages:

  • Long casting sequence time
  • Controlled casting speed
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Prevent clogging to improve productivity
  • Special compositions of nozzles as per use in the industry
  • Higher life of nozzles

Tundish nozzles are equipped with a control mechanism, such as a slide gate system, that allows for precise adjustment of the nozzle opening. This mechanism enables operators to control the steel flow according to the casting requirements, ensuring consistent quality and dimensional accuracy of the cast products. Tundish nozzles are subject to wear and erosion due to the continuous flow of molten steel. They are engineered to have good wear resistance, extending their service life and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Tundish nozzles should provide a gas-tight seal to prevent the ingress of air or gases into the steel stream during casting. This ensures the quality and cleanliness of the final steel product. Tundish nozzles are installed and maintained by skilled operators. Proper installation, alignment, and periodic inspections are essential to ensure the effective functioning of the nozzle and prevent issues such as leakage or excessive wear.


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