Coil Grout

Coil grout is a coating refractory material for the inner surface of a coreless sensor coil. Used between the coil can play the role of insulation. The coil grout is used for induction coil of medium frequency coreless induction furnace, In its surface and ramp evenly applied, Play a very good insulation effect, effectively prevent the aging of the coil, and leakage caused by the coil ignition, medium frequency furnace coil grout also effectively prevent the molten steel due to the high temperature caused by the furnace.

Coil grout is used to coat the coils of an induction furnace. This grout helps the working lining of the induction furnace to expand and contract without any problems. This coating of coil grout also helps in preventing any damage to the coils if they come in contact with any molten product.

Coil Grout Advantages:

  • Provides a protective coating to the coil
  • Allows free contraction and expansion of the coils
  • Prevents damage to coils through contact with molten product

Coil grout is a kind of painting material used for fused alumina recommended for application to the inside face of coreless induction furnace coils. Containing a red color is to distinguish the coil grout from the working lining. Coil grout has following benefits and features:

Coil Grout Features:

Red color makes it easy to find the size layer when removing the lining layer.

The coil grout has coil inter-turn that can be used for insulation.

It can be used as the new coil size layer for the coating or the coil size layer for repair.


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