Ladle Well Block

Ladle Well blocks, also called pocket blocks, are the masonry of refractory bricks at the bottom of a steel ladle, which is used to fix nozzle bricks. The Steel Ladle Well Blocks are square in shape, so are also called square bricks. The main function of Ladle Well Blocks is to fix the nozzle, making the detachment and installment of nozzle bricks easier.

Ladle Well Block Introduction:

The ladle well block connects the wearing refractory lining of the ladle bottom to the mechanism or ladle gate for the flow control. To the well block is asked a huge wearing resistance and moreover it has to protect the nozzle placed inside it. During steel casting, ladle well blocks are used to hold the bottom end of the stopper. when casting is finished, ladle well blocks will ensure the stopper slide to the nozzle along the cambered surface to stop steel liquid mainstream. By material composition, Steel Ladle Well Block can be divided into fireclay well block, high alumina well block, and unburned high alumina well block.

Ladle nozzle well block series are developed with the newest matrix optimization technology and the theory of the most compact. They are characterized by good thermal shock resistance, strong washout resistance, steady quality and 80h service life.

Ladle Well Block Advantages:

The well block can be realized in any size and shape and strengthened with steel fibres to improve its mechanical resistance. Our factory manufactures and sells well blocks for ladle gate and provides clients customized solutions to meet every technical request. We offer a wide range of shapes / sizes of Ladle Well Blocks as per the requirement of customer.

We are chief manufacturer and exporter of high-quality Ladle Refractory Well Block. Our Ladle Well Block are lauded for high density, excellent spelling resistance, erosion resistance, high hot strength, and low penetration depth. We can make available these Seating Blocks in different specifications depending upon buyers requirements.

Ladle Well Block Application:

Steel ladle well bricks are mainly used for continuous casting tundish and matched with nozzle bricks. Pocket bricks have high etching resistance, and won’t distort or crack when coupled with a zirconia metering nozzle.
Ladle well block plays a crucial role in steel making process. We manufacture high quality blocks that have a stable structure and possess excellent thermal shock resistance. Our products are also corrosion and erosion resistant and they provide a very long service time. All these raw materials are high density and high strength. We manufacture it in all shapes and sizes according to specifications of our clients.

Our well blocks for nozzles are made from high-purity, high-density, high-strength materials. They show the features of stable structure, excellent thermal shock resistance, good corrosion/erosion resistance and long service life.



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