Gunning Mix

The gunning material bears the same high temperature and harsh working environment as the repaired furnace lining during the smelting process. Therefore, in addition to high refractoriness, erosion resistance, erosion resistance, spalling resistance, etc., the EAF gunning mix must also be compatible with the repaired furnace lining. The lining has good adhesion. Gunning materials for electric furnaces include magnesia, magnesia-dolomite, magnesia-chromite, magnesia-carbon, magnesia-dolomite-carbon, etc., and some highly active seawater magnesia are used in the aggregate. To promote sintering and improve the density and strength of the gunning layer. In order to make the gunning material solidify quickly during the gunning operation and attach to the furnace lining at the same time, a small amount of additives are often added to the aggregate.

Gunning Mix Introduction:

Gunning mixes are ideal for a range of foundry furnace maintenance and repair applications. These mixes feature a special binder system and are completely friendly. Gunning mixes can be applied using spraying tools, ensuring minimal downtime during installation and extended installation service life thanks to hardening reinforced bonding and improved corrosion resistance.

Gunning mixes for EAF are designed according to the engineering characteristics of the spraying materials and combined with the features of EAF process. Gunning mixes for EAF are made by high purity magnesia-based materials, unique binding systems and external reactants. They feature high adhesive strength, low rebound rate, good sintering ability and good erosion/corrosion resistance. They are well developed to suit for both cold and hot repairs. Gunning mixes series are made from magnesia or magnesia together with magnesia-dolomite clinker. With the addition of compound binder, they are produced as per the optimized grain sizing. Gunning mixes have the properties of high adhesive strength and good resistance to erosion and abrasion.

Gunning mixes Advantages:

Refractory Gunning Mass feature high adhesive strength, low rebounding rate, good sintering ability, and superior resistance to erosion/corrosion. These are ideal products for both cold and hot maintenance of converter lining. Gunning material is made form good quality magnesia, spinel , magnesite calcium as raw material, manufactured together with special binding agents. it’s characterized of high adhesive strength, little resilliance rate, good sintered, good water scouring resistance, good corrosion resistance etc. it’s ideal raw material of the section zones for BOF ,EAF, Ladle. The advantages as following:

1. High refractoriness, High refractoriness under load.
2. High density, low porosity.
3. Good slag resistance and corrosion resistance.
4. High strength and wear resistance.
5. Good resistance to flake performance.
6. Good thermal shock stability.
7. High density and lightweight refractory mixes.
8. Installed in large quantities within a short time.
9. High adhesion, high density and small rebound losses.
10. Minimal dust generation

Gunning mixes Application:

Used for repair the wall or slag line of eletric arc furnace (E.A.F) or rotary kiln. For rapid gunning repairs in the EAF. Gunning mix for EAF could be used widely for slag zone of EAF. Gunning mix for EAF which is made strickly according to international standard is known for its excellent corrosion and scouring resistance of iron steel, long operating life and easy execution and mending.

Electric furnace gunning mix, made with magnesia and magnesia-calcium based material, binder and sintering agent, is characterized by high bonding strength, strong corrosion resistance and non-spalling. When the temperature is higher than 1000℃, hot repairing effect is good and adhesion rate is higher than 85%.

In the production process of electric furnace steelmaking, it is a very common method to improve the service life of electric furnace refractory linings by optimizing gunning repair materials. Generally, the aggregate material in the gunning mix is the same as the material of the gunning furnace lining. With the development of metallurgical furnace lining quality, the material of gunning mix has also changed from silicon, high aluminum, and magnesium to high aluminum silicon carbide, magnesium dolomite, aluminum-magnesium, magnesium-carbon, aluminum-magnesium-carbon, Magnesium calcium carbonaceous development. Both at home and abroad are committed to the development of new materials and varieties to meet the needs of the development of gunning technology for different metallurgical furnaces.


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